Blog Set Up

Regarded as a medium of communication between readers and you / your business, a Blog originally called ‘Weblogs’ is an online magazine that can be big and professionally created OR an Online Dairy that is small and where personally observations are shared with the world.

A Blog is also one of the most powerful Website elements available for building Page Rank on Search Engines and enhancing Website Visibility.

Blogs are today giving Writers, Journalists or any person with a drive to say something on an online platform, share the view or share information with others. To be more successful, the Blog needs to attract online audiences in thousands and thousands while ensuring a living for the Blog owner.

Are you looking to start a Blog?

If so, then we at EMBLIX Digital Marketing Company will help you out with Blog Installation and Set-up services

With its enormous expertise, EMBLIX can help get your new Blog site up and running with the optimal plug-ins and configurations in a few hours.

The team at EMBLIX has done numerous Blog Installations across a number of Web Hosts and can successfully likewise help you with one that will connect to your target-audience while simultaneously helping increase your online exposure.



  • Blog Design to make it more visually appealing and more functional. In addition, we also ensure installation of security plug-ins to help protect your Blog.
  • Help in equipping your Site with blogging software that helps update the Content regularly.
  • Setting-up a Blog or Website easily and quickly so that your attention can be more on developing quality Content.
  • Proof-reading and editing your Blog before they are published, scheduling your Blog posts, finding and embedding Videos, Photos or Images in your Blog Posts.
  • Strategically adding keywords to your Blog Title, text and Images, so your Blog Posts can be easily found in search engines.