Keyword Optimization

A good SEO lies in choosing the right keywords. To begin with, it involves Keyword Research & Optimization that is aimed at understanding what your prospects are searching for online. Keyword Optimization (Also called Keyword Research) is a critical step in the initial stages of Search Engine Marketing. It is used to drive quality traffic to your Website and measure traffic potential that allows for writing of effective Content and understanding of user-behavior. At EMBLIX, we look for what your prospects are searching for online. Based on that, the most relevant and appealing Content with the right blend of keywords is chosen. The SEO experts at EMBLIX adopt bespoke Research methods, use different Optimization Intelligence Tools and own quality expertise to uncover the competitive strategies used by your competitors and then finally ensure that the right keywords are chosen and appropriate work-methods are undertaken prior to keyword strategy implementation. The expert’s further work to find the best keywords for your business and make certain your Website is appropriately optimized with the right keyword placement and density on each page.


  • In-depth industry research to study your competitor’s keywords, link profiles and other terms that generate the most site traffic. This is done to determine your competitive advantage.
  • In-depth Keyword Research & Analysis aimed at maximizing your audience size.
  • Identification of best-suited keywords for your business. They are chosen on the basis of what the potential customers are using and finally selected with the potential of having the right balance of potential traffic and competition.
  • Structuring of Website Content, Product Descriptions, and more.