Lead generation services in Hyderabad

Lead generation services in Hyderabad


Tips To Turn Your Blog intoa Lead Generation Machine

The basic aim of all website or all digital marketing mediums is to make profit. In order to make profit it is important that you manage to generate sales for which leads play a very crucial role. Traditional practises of lead generation services in Hyderabad depended a lot on telemarketing, advertising and events. In modern times the job is done through search engines optimization and social media services.

Blogging started as simple way of journaling personal experiences by few people on the internet in the 90’s. Today all major companies use it as part of their social media strategy to generate leads. It has been observed that people who used blogs for promotion got 13X more positive results than people who did not. Blogs are not limited to companies, but individuals running small service do run blogs to attract visitors towards their service and also can promote widely. With the assistance of social media platforms, blogs can really help in many ways. However, be it the individual or company, they require best lead generation services in Hyderabad.

Lets us see how you can turn your blog into a lead generation machine.

Integrate Your Website With Your Blog.

If you have managed to create a well informative blog regarding your domain of product and services, it is highly likely that visitors will first look at your blog before taking a look at your website. It is thus important that you design your blog in a way that visitors feel compelled to check out your website too. This method has the additional benefit of ensuring that your SEO efforts which you put in your blog gets also helps to boost the result of your website too.

Don’t Give Away Everything For Free

If you have created a great blog post, don’t give away everything for free. Try to push them through your marketing funnel to ensure that a significant part of your traffic gets converted into leads. The best way to do that is to use a Call to Action button or a CTA, that links a visitor to a content offer hosted on the landing page. This content can be any kind of research material, audio book or video which is exclusively available to subscribers who sign up on your site.

KeepYour Blogs Concise andPrecise

It is a known fact that the average attention span of a normal internet user is last only a couple of second. So if you wish to make an impact on your visitors, it is important that your get straight to the point without putting too much emphasis on the lengthy introduction which has nothing to do with the actual subject material.

Hold a Webinars

Webinars offer a great medium to interact with your audience and offer them information, which they are really interested in. You can use a Webinar to discuss a particular topic which your audience might have problem understanding or use it to demonstrate your new product or service. The best lead generation services in Hyderabad use a webinar to get valuablecustomer feedback. Inviting questions from the audience will help you to understand the psyche of your audience. The thing about webinars is that you can get plenty of ideas for your future blog content.

Use Professional Networking Platform LinkedIn

According to Business insider,LinkedIn generates 77% more leads than any other social medium platform. Competition in LinkedIn is significantly much lesser than any other social networking site and also provides much better opportunity. In spite of this data, it is sad to note that LinkedIn is used only by 47% of B2B marketers.

Keep On Testing

Don’t forget to use testing on your blog posts to see what kind of posts and topics garners the maximum amount of conversation and engagement from your audience. You can then use this data to your advantage to drive results. You can also employ top lead generation services in Hyderabad to use A/B testing in order to analyse various factors like image type, headlines and posts and then optimise these features.

With these tips you can easily transform your blog into a lead generating machine and make significant profit. Furthermore, you need a professional service like Emblix Solutions the leading top lead generation services in Hyderabad. The company has been offering quality lead generation service for brands using different strategies including blogs. Do connect with the professionals for long term lead generation service.