Lead Generation

Lead Generation in digital marketing terms refers to the generation of prospective consumers or clients’ interest for products or services of the concerned business organization through the medium of internet. The term leads is also known as potential sales contacts that can be generated through variety of means such as building out reward programs, loyalty programs, e-newsletter list acquisition and any other member acquisition programs. The lead generation services of digital marketing service providers is of two types – Sales leads – Generated on the basis of demographic criterion (income, age, credit score etc) and Marketing leads – brand specific leads generated for a unique advertiser offer.

The success of lead generation depends upon the sales and marketing efforts of the organization and a creation of a definition that is acceptable by all the members of the sales and marketing teams of the concerned organization. The key to a successful lead generation depends upon the understanding of the quality of leads and how you are going to handle them. It is important for organizations to prioritize their generation methods and in controlling the flow of leads both of which are crucial for a successful lead generation.

Emblix solutions believe that the key to success towards lead generation is in discovering effective ways for arriving on at targeted demographics. We understand that even though execution and analysis of lead generation has changed over the years from Door to Door sales in the early 1950’s to the present generation of social media networks as a major contributor of lead generation but for us lead generation is not a goal but is a process of an overall sales strategy.

Our customized lead generation services helps you in getting targeted leads with high conversion rates with cost per lead being lower. Our lead generation experts will do in depth research about your businesses to arrive at customizable multi channel solutions. These multi-channel solutions may include the following ones in the form of-



  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Platform Development
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Paid Search Marketing and much more

Emblix solutions lead generation solutions helps you in extracting the highest quality out of your leads by examining the sources and data. With our measurable data strategy we can track, examine and improve performance by adopting various methods to get your message across that include email, social media, content writing, and mobile integration. Over the years, lead generation has evolved from the perception of spam to a solution facilitator and from a broad tool to a very precise one.

At emblix solutions our lead generation services rests on the six principles of lead generation such as-

  • Source Quality– We help you in getting the best ROI from your lead generation.
  • Lead Volume – We have expertise in not only getting pure volume but also in managing the number and distribution of your leads to extract the most value from them.
  • Decision Makers – Our lead generation experts use the available tools through social media channels for reaching and contacting decision makers or influencers of your products or services and then through creative campaigns with relevant messages can nurture them through the pipeline to sales ready leads.
  • Business Targeting – As a leading lead generation experts we enforce clear criterion so that generation campaigns do not result in poor leads. We are capable of delivering leads in real time that too as per the targeted business strategy through API links, SMS, Email, Direct to CRM and Hot Key Call Transfer.
  • Media and Social – Emblix solutions lead generation professionals helps you in finding and harnessing the full potential of social sites to give your marketing fraternity to act on a common ground with enough leads. Your leads are identified, researched and communicated through various media sources and social networks. We can identify the people through major social platforms that you may want to follow based on your current contacts that can be a useful source of potential leads.

The typical way of providing lead generation services has changed with the emergence of Social Media having created a more engaging way to generate leads giving the chance to users to ask questions and share or giving them the chance to choose if they want to receive your messages or not. As a leading digital marketing service provider, our lead generation efforts begins with a plan by incorporating the advantages of social partnership and the strength of social media into a powerful lead management engine.

Our lead generation services help you in not only achieving total market integration but also assure you of a smooth integration with all the top CRM solutions. For further chitchat about our lead generation services – mail us – marketing@emblixsolutions.net or contact us marketing@emblixsolutions.net +91-8688333143