Mail Chimp marketing partners in Hyderabad

Mailchimp marketing partners in Hyderabad


Top Mistakes Which Most Email Marketers Makes

According to Gartner, in 2018 the revenue from email marketing across various industries stood at $500 billion. If you are wondering how come your email marketing campaign did not manage to see any significant profit, it time for some soul searching.

Let’s have a close look at some of common mistakes which most digital marketing companies perform while designing an email campaign

Not Asking For Permission

Spamming people’s inbox with unsolicited emails is a major turn off. Before you send your email, make sure you have their permission to do so. There are two important things which every Mail chimp marketing partners in Hyderabad should keep in mind while asking for permission.

  • Send your marketing mails to only the customers who have signed up for your newsletter. This will help you to identify people who are genuinely interested in your products. This will result in less spam complains and more click though rates.
  • During the signup process, make sure the recipient is aware of what they have signed up for. You can also add a short reminder in each of your emails about why they’re receiving them.

Purchasing an Email List

Buyingillegitimate emailing list from third party vendors with millions of email address is a serious offence and a very bad practise on the part of any reputed company.

Letting Your Email List Go Stale

If you don’t send regular updates about your products or fail to inform your customers about new deals and offer, chances are very high that they will forget about your brand and switch to some other brand. So in order to avoid a high bounce off rate and spam complains it is important that you keep sending updates regularly.

Failing to discriminate between a transactional and marketing email

Transactional emails are regarded as email addresses which customers provide to a company to obtain shipping information or to get tracking details. It is wrong to use them as part of your email campaign. However, you can use top Mail chimp marketing partners in Hyderabad to enhance your transactional emails by including an exclusive coupon code or by showing them a personalised product recommendation.

How MailchimpCan Help You to Rectify Email Marketing Errors

Here is how the Best Mail chimp marketing partners in Hyderabad are making the best use of Mailchimp’s features to gain maximum visibility and leads for their clients.


For an email marketing campaign to be effective it is important that you personalize each email. Mailchimp gives you the ability to add mail merge field inter email and use data which are acquired during the sign in process. This will help your emails to look more professional.


Mailchimp makes it easy to collect email addresses from various sources like your company’s Facebook page or website and build a list of subscribers. You can also use Mailchimp to create an ad campaign which you can add to your website or integrate with your official Facebook page.

Data Protection

Mailchimp helps to keep the data of your subscribers private by preventing other people in the list from viewing your email address.

Mailchimp is an excellent tool to organise your email marketing contact data and monitor sales activities with revenue report. It is a wonderful medium to connect with your e-commerce store and create a targeted ad campaign. For the effective mailchimp marketing result for your brand, Emblix Solution is the best. The company is the best Mail chimp marketing partners in Hyderabad working with different clients to promote their brands and service.