Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising using Adwords is one of the most cost-effective and targeted forms of marketing on the Internet. When compared to Traditional Ads where you pay when people see the Advertisements, in Google PPC Advertising, you only pay for results when the Ad is actually clicked and the Site is visited.

In order to guarantee your Ad appearance in search results, you need to bid on Keywords and have a considerable Quality Score. Google then determines the Ad position by the maximum bid on a Keyword and Quality Score.

They not only enable businesses to reach a wider audience, bringing lots of new visitors to your Site, but also enable small businesses to compete with business leaders if their Ads are relevant and superior.

The team at EMBLIX adopts a conversion-driven approach aimed at providing the best possible ROI for your marketing budget. The whole of Google PPC Advertising is managed by professional Google certified Adwords and Analytics experts who will work closely with your team to make sure that the campaign is delivering the desired results.

EMBLIX Digital Marketing Company offers tailor-made campaigns for your business that will lure customers to your Site. The skills of the team lies in crafting Google PPC Ad Campaigns and employing precision targeting that will increase your visibility online and also increase traffic to your Site.


  • Determine potential Keywords and Ad Copy to define areas of opportunity and risk. Then helping you to select the right set of keywords, researched based on the buying behavior of your customers and search engine trends.
  • Undertaking of a PPC Audit and identification of PPC Competitors.
  • Creating a comprehensive PPC strategy taking into accounts your business goals and deliverables. Later implement the campaign.
  • Creation of effective and optimized Ads and Landing Pages with regular monitoring and optimization of campaigns.
  • Tracking and adjusting campaigns, fine-tuning it to make it more result-oriented.
  • Providing Monitoring Reports and Comprehensive Review on a regular basis.