Responsive Web Template

In the age of Mobile Technology, business can ill-afford to lose their Mobile Visitors. This is because Smartphone’s and Tablets have made a significant impact on a Website Design. Its here a Responsive Website Template can play a useful role.

Responsive Website Templates are suitable for those looking for a Website that is both fluid-width as well as adaptive to the screen resolution. However, the Responsive Website Templates need to seamlessly serve different media formats and devices used by the people today.

Overall, the Templates are highly intuitive and design-led and most importantly are more responsive which means that they adapt to Computers, Tablets and Smartphone’s.

EMBLIX Digital Marketing Company has an excellent team of Website Template Designing experts who professionally design Templates with a variety of styles and which will support all devices like Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, etc.

In addition, EMBLIX also offers:

  • HTML & CSS3 Template Design.
  • Flash CMS Template Design.
  • Opencart Template Design.
  • WordPress Template Design.
  • Powerpoint Template Design.

The designers at EMBLIX are experts in a host of software products like DreamWeaver, Content Management system like Joomla, WordPress, etc; all designed templates done by them will be designed by using standard cascading style sheets (CSS) which is search-engine friendly.

Working to understand your needs, they will provide quality design services with affordable costs and faster turnaround time.


  • Creation of Templates that are flexible and allows for adding of portfolios and galleries, calendars, videos, integration of social media and blogs and more.
  • Creation of Templates that is user-friendly and innovative.
  • Creation of Templates that becomes fluid and easily adapt to the width of the Browser. For smaller screen sizes, tactics like changing font sizes, navigation menu, columns, text blocks and images that scale and change their position, are used.
  • Fixing of Website Template which can work on all the devices flawlessly.