Also called as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Shopping Ads can achieve much more results than Text Ads.


  • Show users a picture of your product, with little details of the product title, price, and store name. They can even show customer ratings and appear right on top of the search results.
  • Build greater awareness about your products. In addition, customers also get a glimpse of products not seen elsewhere.
  • Provide immense clarity, allowing you to see everything that is needed to manage a PLA campaign.
  • See which specific products are accumulating the most spending and which are most converting and for how much.

EMBLIX Digital Marketing Company offers a range of Shopping Ad services which can yield more ROI, generate higher click-through-rates and allow your Site to reach and market your products and services to specific audiences.

From creating fresh campaigns to optimizing campaigns earlier created, EMBLIX’s team of consultants is able to effectively manage the whole campaign at every stage.

In addition, the team is also always ready to give advice and support at every stage, chipping in with new ideas which will help your business to extract maximum output and benefits.


  • Set-up quality Ad-Group for each product that provides more controls over your campaign.
  • Create and launch Product Listing Campaigns that are extremely effective as they don’t rely on data from just one source.
  • Ensure proper management by using Google Anaytics, Google Adwords and Feed Optimization. This will help increase your product visibility in Google Shopping.
  • Investigate Data from sources ranging from Google Adwords to Bing and Google Analytics. The information gathered is used to help you arrive at a decision and increase the volume of your sales.