site loading time

Web Page speed is an important factor in rankings. However for many, especially the publishers, the Site’s loading time / Page Speed is a major concern. All your Site WILL get is a few seconds to attract visitors and if the Site does not load in the given time they want, then you stand to lose a potential lead.

Around 70% of Smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds and nearly 20% of shoppers are said to abandon their cart if pages are too slow.

Have you considered optimizing your Page Loading time and the overall rich experiences of your Website?

It’s high time you did so for if your Page Speed Score is not optimal, chances of retaining customers will be not good which means you would be losing Visitors and also experience the negative impacts of Search Engine Algorithms.


EMBLIX’s team of SEO experts can:

  • Optimize your Site’s Page Speed by using various compression techniques, optimizing HTML Code, CSS scripts, etc.
  • Lower the Page size, DNS lookups and ensure less number of requests towards server. This way, Content is delivered faster.
  • Provide Reports that gives you full-picture on how your Site loads and where the bottlenecks are that hampers your Site loading time.